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A little bit about us.


Bumping into was created with one goal in mind: to bring different, interesting, wide ranging and creative content to the people. To expand the ears of the public that want to listen and to keep peoples stories alive that want to talk.

We wanted to create a Podcast that was professional but not polished. A grassroots conversation, not just an interview.


A natural and relaxed place where our guests could speak freely about anything they wanted to.


No set formats and no set time limits. 


An unrestrained and largely unedited ground that could operate over a broad spectrum.

We look for the lesser known, the unassuming and interesting.

"Everyone else can keep the red carpet. I want the front lawn"

A lot more about us

I'd like to think of Bumping into as a podcast that mixes the likes of Comedians in cars with Lateline.

From non rushed in-depth conversations to the one or two questions you always wanted to ask someone if you bumped into them at a social setting or next to on a Airplane.  It could be light and funny, or it could go deep and to the unknown.

It's a place that a anyone with something to say, could say it without it being edited or crafted in a way other than how they meant it. A place without a time limit, without an agenda or a pre defied category to fit in to.

It’s not about social media, followers or likes. It’s not about paid ads or even downloads. It’s about the person & the conversation & that’s it.

What makes us a bit different?


We don’t really do straight out interviews because we aren’t the media, investigators or journalists. We most likely aren’t in your field either so we don’t come at things the same way that a direct peer would. What we are, is all about relaxed, non confrontational, intelligent, professional but casual and fluid conversations with interesting people.  We want your story, your thoughts, your advice, your experiences told the way you would want them to be.

Why are we Bumping into?

Well one reason is, we are reaching a point in time where some of our most influential and interesting people of modern times are leaving this world and the opportunities to ask questions about their life, experiences or thoughts are going with them. 

We also wanted to address the all to common issue of watching someone interesting on a TV show and feeling the producer is winding up the interview before its even really started or running off trivial questions that leave no room for the person to actually say anything. We want to offer a non time restrained format for those wanting to speak and those wanting to listen. It also had to be a place where you could turn up find the one episode that you wanted and move on. It didn't need to fit a category in by which every other episode was similar.


Then there is the lack of a free and easy space for someone that might often be misunderstood or controversial.  They come in for an interview only to be bated or boxed in to a corner. Or not given enough time or enough freedom in the conversation to explain their point of view without fear or it turning in to something else. I know I have had my mind changed by hearing what a person has to say in their own way without being pressed in to biting the host. Then there is the fear of clip and copy editing to find a click bait headline. So this podcast is for them too. If you don't want to play in the same space as everyone else, if you just wanted to talk to someone as candid as you would like, then this is a space for you.

Another key reason is, there are a lot of silly questions we want to ask some really smart people to help get a deeper insight some interesting topics. We wanted to create a space where we could ask the simple questions on complicated subjects such as sport, health, business, finance, history and politics to those in the know and make it easy to get smart simple answers to what your thinking about. 

Who are we bumping into?


First of all its important to know we are not directly chasing the famous or trending. I know there are more clicks to be had that way, but we are wanting to do things a little differently. We wanted to speak to the interesting and unassuming. If they happen to be famous and trending then that's great, but it's not why we are directly chasing them.


Perhaps it is someone in the public light but not a person that would have a biography. Someone that has something to say but doesn't want to deal with the media. Someone who has had an interesting life but has no interest in writing a book. Or someone with a different point of view that wouldn't feel comfortable talking in the commercial network space. Perhaps is a scientist or professor who's work isn't on main stream media outlets. That is the person we want to spend time with, to document that undocumented. It is also a space for those forgotten, past stars and performers and those not yet discovered who might be battling away to find their own space.

This platform is a neutral and unrestrained ground. Leaving the listeners to make up their own minds rather than have it made up for them by predefined or one sided hosts. We aren't fixed to a point of view, we aren't allied to a brand, agenda or standing and we definitely are not here to just offer an opinion piece.

We are on a mission to ask questions and forever leave a place for those interested to come back to and find and answer,  a story, a piece of history, inspiration, an explanation or at best just something interesting that wouldn't of made its way through via conventional or time restrained media channels.

Before you think that's all we got. Have you ever scene a stranger who looked like they might have had an interesting life or a story to tell? Just someone most would walk on past, the unknown, the unassuming. We on a mission to speak to them too. 

The best thing for those we speak to and those who want to listen is, we don't pay for our content or guests, there are no grilling's, no scripts, no motives, it doesn't even need a time limit, just thoughts and conversations on a wide range of topics with a wide range of people. 

Then there is our socials - you know Instagram and Facebook. These exist only for those interested in an episode to be able to find us or that episode. Not to define us. The website and the podcast will do that. So don't expect either a lot or the best of us to on our social accounts. This site and our podcasts are where our energy is most spent.  

How to support the show?


Bumping into is a self funded work of passion, so just tell someone if you heard an episode you liked or share an episode if you think they would like it. They say that unless we get 5 star reviews we wont show up on peoples feed. You know the old, only the popular get more popular mindset of social media, so if you get a chance a 5 star review would go along way and be much appreciated. 

Then there are a limited edition T-Shirts and car stickers. We do a small batch run of these from time to time - so if you want one just let us know your interested. 

Another way is, if you know someone that would make an interesting story - send them our way.

You can search BUMPING INTO on your favourite podcast player to find all our episodes.

Now let’s get bumping into!

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