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Physicist Victor Leach

Bumping into the unknown of 5G and WI-FI part 2. With radiation physicist Victor Leach. How the current standards were set and what risk that leaves on the table for you.

Radiation physicist Victor Leach has worked as a radiation health physicist for over half-century in both the private sector and public sector with several Commonwealth and State Government Health Departments.

Victor was a foundation member Australasian Radiation Protection Society in 1975. Since taking up the role of University Radiation Safety Advisor at QUT in 2006, he has been increasingly interested in the standards-setting of non-ionising radiation used by the communication industry compared to the setting of ionising (X-ray) radiation standards.

He has now published articles in several national and international scientific journals around the inadequacies of current guidelines and the safety risks they carry for users of the technology.

He is an advocate for the precautionary principle to be adopted and more detailed consumer warnings.

Victor was also one of the founding members of the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc.

This episode covers not only the basics of mobile - cell phone radiation and WIFI radiation, but how the current safety standards were reached, when they were designed and what that means in todays modern 5G world for you and the risks they may carry.

Use this episode as a great introduction and foundation point to your interest into the subject and to clearly identify your risks with being exposed to the technology.

Podcast guest is Victor Leach.


As with every episode we produce, all views and information provided in this podcast are the opinion of the individuals.

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