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The Volley Shoe

This is the story behind the iconic Australian Volley shoe with the two key figures behind its re-brand and how it went out of Kmart and on to the world stage.

"It's more like a movie script than a podcast"


This is a story of marketing campaign genius, inside meetings with Amazon, DIY counterfeit raids and the “Beyonce" of China. 


This is the conversation with the two key businessmen behind the new Volley and it’s re-brand into a modern boutique fashion shoe, now loved the world over.

Born in 1939, the Volley has gone from a basic low cost shoe, to a much loved Australian icon and now world wide boutique fashion shoe. From the classic green and gold to the new leather Overgrips, there is a Volley for everyone to love.

This is the story of Australia's shoe and the two people that took it back to the top of its game.

Note: Some conversational coarse language is used in this episode. 

Podcast guests are Volley GM John Szwede and former CEO Martin Matthews.

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