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What they say - only the good things

R: So, what is this all about?

F: It can be about anything – there is no set format.

R: Humm, so who is your demographic or target market?

F: There isn’t one.

R: But how can you grow your audience if your show isn’t about anything?

F: Well, tell that to Jerry Seinfeld.


J: So fun and so unedited which is so refreshing.


T: Its so strange, I put it on and forget where I am. I feel like I’m sitting there just listening to people talk and the questions in my head are getting answered. It's weird that I feel like I know the people in the episodes?


K: I am listening now, am 2 mins in and already laughing.


T: Your intros are too long! But I really love your work.

F: I dread doing them – so no offence taken.


D: My wife said I told you things I had never spoke to her about. I’ve never been interviewed before, but I guess from my point of view you have something pretty special.

I: I appreciate people like you who are helping to keep this information out there.

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