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Paul Hutchinson

Paul’s story from a serial entrepreneur, 40 Billion dollar Investment fund founder to undercover child trafficking rescue missions and the making of the movie The Sound of Freedom.

Paul Hutchinson is a Co-Founder of Bridge Investment Group with over $40 Billion in assets. Paul retired from Bridge in 2017 to dedicate his time and resources to philanthropy.

Paul has been the keynote speaker on philanthropy to royalty, world leaders and government influencers. He is the Founder of The Child Liberation Foundation and has dedicated countless hours to making an impact in the fight against child trafficking. Paul has led over 43 undercover missions in 15 countries to identify and take down child trafficking rings.


Paul has also been involved in the new movie, The Sound of Freedom.


This is Pauls stoy and the stoy around the making of that movie.

Get set for a conversation that covers a wide range of topics, thoughts and Paul's experiences.








Podcast guest is Paul Hutchinson.

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