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Meet The Team

To be honest we weren't going to put this page in because this Podcast really isn't about us, its all about them - the guests. But here is a little info anyway. Photos may not be accurate representations.



I'll be who you are either talking or listening to most of the time.

I like to think of myself as an observer. 

An observer sees things differently, things neither the performer, or audience may notice. This is often because their fortunes are not in part of the performance, nor in the reaction of the crowd. They see things for what they are and also for what they could be. 


I'm not interested in turning up for the photo with the white and pastel filters on. I want to be there when you are doing the dishes on a Sunday night. When you are in your true space, not the one you think the world wants you to be in.

Everyone else can keep the red carpet. I want the front lawn.

Elegant Woman

DJ Pepper

She doesn't work for us, but it got your attention.

Young Man


 A bit of a polymath we reckon. 

The truth is, he doesn't do that much work on the podcast, but his efforts elsewhere and relentless work ethics mean that I can pull away from our main business interest together from time to time to do this podcast. So that's why he is mentioned here. But I'm all for someone else talking.

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