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Australian Misinformation and Disinformation bill 2023.

A thought-provoking and somewhat alarming journey to discuss a matter of great significance: a proposed Australian law that aims to restrict free speech and define the truth as it be seen by a government agency.   

The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. 

The right to free speech has been a pillar of democratic societies, providing individuals with the freedom to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.  

This year the Australian Government announced its intention to bring in a new bill that would allow the Australian communications and media authority to define what is misinformation and disinformation and fine both platforms and individuals that fail to remove the information or alter their views.  

On this episode podcast, Im joined by Ip Attorney Chris Baxter who’s twitter account went viral after he read the bill and sent out several tweets explaining his disbelief in just how authoritarian and overreaching this bill is.  

We'll explore the driving forces behind the proposed law, the key arguments made by both its supporters and critics, and the potential implications it may have on various aspects of Australian society. 

Podcast guest: Chris Baxter.  

Links to spoken about links in this podcast episode.

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