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Hitler's escape from Berlin to Argentina with Harry Cooper

 Exploring the controversial theory that Adolf Hitler, one of the most notorious figures in history, escaped to Argentina after the end of World War II with Researcher and Author Harry Cooper.

According to this theory, Hitler and several other high-ranking Nazi officials fled Germany and settled in South America, where many for the most part, lived out the rest of their lives in anonymity.

While there is no denying that many high ranking Nazi officials did settle in Argentina, the theory about Hitler being one of them has been the subject of much debate and speculation over the years. With some historians dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, while others argue that there is compelling evidence to support it.

In this episode, we'll delve into the details of this theory and examine the evidence that has been put forward.  We explore the possible reasons why Hitler would have chosen to flee to Argentina with the researcher and author who is credited with uncovering a lot of this evidence back in the 1980’s, Harry Cooper.

We talk about his research and interviews into Hitler's escape that has now extended decades in the making with people who claim they were there when this happened.

Podcast guest: Harry Cooper.

As with every episode we produce, all views and information provided in this podcast are the opinion of the individuals.

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