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This one is for anyone that has ever said they don't make any good bands anymore. 

Avalanche are a Sydney based hard-rocking four-piece band that has got the attention from the likes of Joel O'Keeffe from Airbourne and Rolling Stone Australia Magazine.


More like a ramble than a conversation but a heap of fun. We head to a live show of new Aussie rock outfit Avalanche on the debut tour of their new EP Second Hand Band.


With their distinctive hard rock sound, they put a modern spin on some classic no frills Rock 'n' Roll. What makes this podcast and this band so important is that, Avalanche are one of many new Aussie rock bands pushing to keep Australian live music alive - with or with out the support of FM radio.

We talk how they got together, what makes up their sound, AD/DC, Billy Thorpe, Michael Gudinski, Marshall amps and Gibson Guitars.


I talk about the current state of Radio and even Jim Carrey and Daniel LaBelle get a mention.


But most of all its your direct insight in to a great rock band just waiting to take on the same international stages as Rose Tattoo and Airbourne. 

Avalanche poster.png
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