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Andrew Rains

Bumping into former AFL Richmond and Suns star Andrew Raines.

Just before the start of the 2023 AFL season we bump into former AFL star Andrew Raines.

Andrews has had an extensive career, starting at the Richmond Football club, then finishing at the Gold Coast Suns.

This gives Andrew an incredible insight to the differences between each club’s culture, training and methodology.

We talk about coaches, training, diets, recovery, skills that get you noticed and the transition to retirement from being a full-time professional player.

Andrew is now the owner and force behind the One on One Football coaching programming that has exploded across Australia. Offering the next generation of AFL stars a more personalised skill development program.

As the 2023 season is about to start, this episode is great for anyone just finding their feet in the game, to wrapping up their career. Not to mention for those that have a love of the game and want to hear the insights of one of its former stars.






Podcast guest is Andrew Rains.

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