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Keto Vs Cancer

Keto and fasting Vs Cancer with Professor Thomas Seyfried.

 An enlightening journey into the realm of "Keto Vs Cancer," exploring the revolutionary connections between the ketogenic diet along with Fasting and its potential impact on cancer treatment and prevention.  

As you will hear Professor Seyfried has been extensively researching and conduiting trials with how Keto and Fasting can be a tool against many diseases, and his research and studies are showing exceptional results.  

Professor Seyfried explains that cancer is not a genetic disease, but rather a metabolic disease involving mitochondrial dysfunction.

We will also go into the challenges of trying to explain his findings to many other doctors and researchers and other medical associations who fear to look outside of their own environment or existing body of knowledge.  

They say nothing good comes without change and often change is first met with resistance and this story goes right into that process. 

Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that could reshape your perspective on health and well-being and dive deep into the fascinating world of the Keto diet Vs Cancer. 

Podcast guest: Professor Thomas Seyfried.

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