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A tribute to Bert Newton

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Australians would of woke up to the sad news today that TV icon Bert Newton has passed away.

If Graham Kennedy was the King of TV, then Bert Newton was the lovable cheeky Prince.

Bert was there at the beginning of live TV in Australia and continued to remain relevant and modern his entire career.

He was widely known and loved for his fast wit and humour. He made being great look easy.

When I was first building this website, I had used pictures of Bert for various headings and pages. He was someone that I had always admired and was the sort of person that I had always hoped for the chance to speak to.

There will never be another one like Bert and the internet will forever be full of the best of Bert Newton bits for us to watch and remember him by.

We recorded a very small tribute podcast for Bert which you can find on all good podcast platforms.

Our thoughts to all his friends and his family.

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