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Another link to the pre-Fitzgerald inquiry era has sadly passed.

Updated: May 12, 2023

Another link to the pre-Fitzgerald inquiry era has sadly passed. This story has fascinated me for a long time, and I have extensively tried to have a conversation with someone who was involved with this period in Queensland's history, whether it be a former government employee, police officer, journalist, or anyone else, no matter how obscure the connection may of been.

Despite the incredible work done by people such as Matthew Condon to document the history with remarkable detail and depth, curating the story into a captivating reading experience, the fact that people like Terry Lewis remained steadfast in claiming their innocence has intrigued me. It has led me to believe that there are still untold stories, perhaps from both sides of the fence.

These stories provide a link to the past that is disappearing with each passing year. They may not all be newsworthy or groundbreaking, but they are the stories that interest me – the lesser-known, the unassuming, the intricate, the long-format non rushed conversation.

Someone recently asked me why I am doing this podcast – it's not commercialised, it's not making me money, and it's not related to my day job. Why put in the hours and hours of research and work required to put together a show? At the time, I didn't know how to answer that question. But after reading about Terry Lewis' passing and recalling the countless hours I've spent trying to create an episode on that era, I think I can better answer it now. It is my hope that if someone wants to tell a story, no matter how big or small and if someone wants to hear a story and really get a chance to hear the person, in natural conversation, not just answers to questions, then that's the why, and my podcast is the place for it.

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